Saturday, July 4, 2015

The KELLERMONICON Marches Onward!

Hey friends!

Gee, it's been a whiley-while since ol' J-Kels has posted on the ol' Blogger, hasn't it?

Sorry for the lack of posts, but being the host of the ever-popular THE JEREMY KELLERMAN ADVICE HOUR on the local access Michigan television station WXVH Channel 23 alone eats up SO much of my time! Not to mention tweeting on TWITTER (follow me! and trying to deal with Scott's regular tantrums and crises. That kid is full of so much beans.

But that's not all I'm doing! Thanks to the encouragement of my friends, especially my great new Twitter friends (shout-out to star diamons like Chas Elterman, Jak Tiano, and all the fine people of Not a Hipster Coffee Shop, the wonderful people of THE SEATTLE STAR who have featured some of my writings, and of course to Sven Hegedus, another wisdom farmer), I've been plotting one of my long-time PASSION PROJECTS!

What is this fabled project you ask? What could possibly top my classic TV series THE JEREMY KELLERMAN ADVICE HOUR, or my classic Youtube videos, or my legendary video game BUTT?

There can be only one possible answer, if there even is a true answer: THE KELLERMONICON!

That's right, THE KELLERMONICON! What's this fabled project, you ask? Why, it's the sum total (to date) of my collected wit and wisdom! I plan to include every piece of my very best wisdom and spiritual star-truth in it. Everything from EDIFYING ESSAYS, to POEMS, to SONGS, to SHORT STORIES, to excerpts from my longer works, and maybe more!

Plus, if things go well, it may even feature some awesome collaborations! I know I've got some friends on board for this one: Zak Pat Shak, my Beat poet friend whose genius is nearly like mine, will almost definitely add a poem or two, Marty Stevens, the trucker with the golden voice, Rupert Pinstripe, the plucky reporter from my favorite newspaper, The Daily Flyleaf (plus perhaps other contributions from that fine institution) , archival writings from my beloved late wife Victoria Kellerman, crafty craftswoman Mariana Cummings, fellow self-help guru Arthur Schopenhauer and many more! If things go really well, I might even seek some contributions from outside Michigan! Maybe one of the contributors will be YOU! If someone has some of my wisdom in their heart, how can I not include it?

Now you might ask yourself: Jeremy, how the heck long will it take you to make this book? And that would be wrong because you're not Jeremy, I am! But irregardless, the answer is: time is just the mind's way of feeling like the stream flows straight when really it's full of pools and fish. I hope to have the book in some kind of  mostly finished form by late 2015. But it's tough to tell about these things! Once my friend, animal expert NEIL HUGGINS promised to meet me for a nature retreat but the address he gave me was a vacant lot and he never showed up. So you never know what the heck sometimes! Still, I plan to keep working hard on THE KELLERMONICON because I know, as I've always known, that the truth-spirit living inside of me has wanted to spread and touch all the other hearts for a lot of many years now.

So that's where ol' Jeremy K stands these days. Progress is slow, but it's still progress. And what about the mean-time? Of course, I prefer the NICE-TIME, right? Meanness is bad! So what about the nice-time? Well, in the nice-time, I'd like to try and gain some support for the Kellermonicon, and you can do that right now by cheering really loud. Trust me, my ears might not hear it, but my spirit will, and probably anyone near you. Frankly people don't realize enough how much spirits love to hear screams. After that, maybe just tell people about it, if you know any people who love wisdom, joy, laughter, fun, magic, truth, and wisdom, and hopefully that means EVERYBODY YOU KNOW.

I have some other ideas to gain support for the Kellermonicon, too. But I need your opinions before I pursue any of them. Here's a list, please comment on this post, or email,or tweet at me with your opinions on if you'd like to participate in any way with any of these ideas.

Crowdfunding - My nephew Scott says that crowdfunding is the "way of tomorrow," and for me, tomorrow is always today, and today is always yesterday, and yesterday is always ready for action. Would YOU be willing to pledge money to help THE KELLERMONICON be written and self-published, either digitally, in print, or both? Digital is my basic goal but I'd LOVE a full-on print edition. I'd especially love to make some special limited edition ones, maybe made by hands (someone's hands at least) and maybe customized with individual wisdom for individual people, if enough individual people would pay for this to happen, and I can't imagine anyone not.

Fund-raising by selling REAL PHYSICAL KELLERMAN OBJECTS D'ART - As you know from my DeviantArt account and my videos, I am an ACCOMPLISHED ARTIST of SOME RENOWN. (To see my work, look here: Would YOU be willing to pay AMERICAN US DOLLARS of varying amounts for special Kellerman art pieces? You could commission one or buy a pre-made piece. I might be able to work this out with a friend who could act as my art dealer. Art pieces could also be used as incentives for a crowd-funding.

CUSTOM KELLERMAN VIDEOS - As anyone who knows Kellerman Genius and Creativity, I shine REALLY bright in the world of video, stage, and screen, and my Youtube channel has VIEWS. (See here for examples of my works: Maybe for a fee, or as a crowd-find reward, I could do some custom videos.

Real Actual KELLERMAN PROPS from Real Actual KELLERMAN YOUTUBE VIDEOS - If you watch videos on my Youtube videos, you'll see that sometimes my videos use props, like my famous "Beautiful Faces" as seen in this video: Maybe you'd like one of the special, one-of-a-kind hand-made props, which double as WORKS OF TRUE ART? I might consider selling any of them, either for the right price or as a crowd-find reward.

What do you think of these ideas? Would you participate? Do you have any ideas of your own?

Any money made would benefit the project by helping me to pay for expenses, including paying team members/family members/employees for their services, and for fun things I like to do like buy things I enjoy and can maybe use for entertainment, which is ALWAYS good for creativity, almost every single time.

Please leave comments, and send emails and/or tweets. Take your time and think about it; time limits are just abstract, you know, it might take you ten years and I don't care because I don't get older I just get more and more myself.

I just want you all to know that whatever happens I'll keep working on the Kellermonicon because I love you and even if you have to read it on an old Rubendo computer it will still be full of my wisdom-love and spirit-truth and even if it takes me a long time I'll keep working on it because I know how much the world needs the genius that I have the privilege of birthing into this universe, and the sweet milk of my mind will sustain so many baby souls.

Think well, live well, and be well!
Jeremy Kellerman

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