Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mrs. O'Hare

When I was 7
I used to visit Mrs. O'Hare

she was old and lived in a little brown house
down the street

she had poofy white hair
and wore big thick black glasses

when it was hot in the summer
she'd give me big purple popsicles

we talked about what it was like to be a kid
and the differences between then and now

she told me about how her grandma
used to sew her dresses

I told her about which videogames
were my favorites

she told me she used to play hide and seek
I told her I loved that game

she said summer was her favorite season
I said it was mine too

she said her favorite candy was lollipops
I told her mine were chocolate

she asked if I had any girlfriends
and laughed when I got mad and said no

she said she used to have boyfriends
and asked if I wanted to see them

she took me to the basement
and opened up the big boxes

after that I stopped visiting Mrs. O'Hare
except on the really hot days
when no one else had any purple popsicles

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