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Georgia Police Officer Indicted on Charges of Improper Conduct, Brutality - March 20th, 1997

Originally published in
"The Daily Flyleaf"

Issue 207

March 20th, 1997

In Westenra, Georgia this afternoon, disgraced police officer Reynold Tavis has been indicted on charges of improper conduct and police brutality after security camera footage recorded Tavis accosting an African-American male outside of a Seventown Mart gas station/convenience store. While a separate legal battle instigated by the victim, alleging that the act was also a hate crime, is still being processed in the courts, this marks the first time that a formal charge has been made against Tavis.

In addition to a history of questionable behavior on the police force, Tavis has recently incensed the public by ranting during interviews, claiming himself the victim of an "interracial conspiracy scam." When questioned yesterday by a visiting Michigan reporter from WXVH in Ann Arbor about his history of being required to take, but subsequently dropping out of anger managements courses on multiple occasions, Tavis replied "The thing about my job is, what people don't understand, is that it's stressful. I have to be out there beating up and harassing people, especially minorities, 3 days a week, 22 hours a day. It's ridiculous. That kind of effort can make you a little short-tempered, sure, but that would be the case with anyone in my possession." Tavis then made an obscene gesture at the reporter and fled the scene of the interview.

It was reported later that day that Reynold Tavis was involved in an incident in a local packing plant and that he had lost at least one extremity. For unknown reasons, Merle Danson, of Danson and Sons Funeral Home, held a press conference shortly afterwards saying that on behalf of Danson and Sons Funeral Home, he wished Officer Tavis a full and speedy recovery.

[UPDATE]: A message was received earlier this morning, written by someone identifying himself as Reynold Tavis, that reads "THE PIRATES ARE BIODEGRADABLE." More on this story as it develops. 

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