Monday, February 21, 2011

The Jeremy Kellerman Blog! Kellerman enters the new era of technology! Hello!

Hi there, folks!

If you watched local access TV in Michigin from 1988 to 1996, you might remember my delightful advice tv show, "The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour." This show was a great way to help me deliver advice and positive "vibes" to people throughout Michigan.

I retired in 1996 but began appearing on local tv shows again in 2002, at the behest of my wife Debbie and one of my oldest and closest friends in the industry, David Munson. I guess you could call him my "old bro," LOL! Dave wanted me to appear on his own chat show "Let's Chat! with David Munson" which, MIND-BLOWINGLY, is on the EXACT same set as the one I filmed "The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour" on! WHOA! Talk about a deja vu! Dave thought that as I'd experienced a lot of personal growth following a personal tragedy, I should return to the tv world and share what I'd learned about myself and about living and loving. Dave was totally right, it had been far too long since I'd been out "among the people" again on the airwaves.

Since that time I've been writing and working on ideas to revive both my old tv show and radio show, writing new ideas for books, and just enjoying "the good life" with my family. Recently some old friends and coworkers got together and convinced me that as part of my return to active creative work, I should make an archive of my past works online. Thus, The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour Archive was borne!

However, I've still got a lot to learn about the internet; technology is always so new and amazing, just incredible! I've got a Youtube channel now ( where I hope to post some Vintage Jeremy, and now I have this blog, too, where I'll post some of my active project material, and answer advice questions JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS! YEAH! I'll also probably get a Twitter soon, as soon as my nephew Scott explains just "WTF" a "Twitter" is, LOL!!!!

So stayed tuned, feel free to drop me a question in the comments or at TheJeremyKellermanArchive (at) [please allow 3-10 months for a reply] and I'll see if I can't show you why so many people enjoyed me and my show way back when! Yeehaw!

Think well, live well, be well!
Jeremy Kellerman

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