Friday, February 25, 2011

Jeremy's Musings 2 - I might have caught a bug or something

I was watching "Witches of Beverly Hills" last night on the Kids Network. I love how creative these kids are today!

I really enjoy this show. It has magic and fun and wacky hijinks that remind me of stuff I watched growing up, good old-fashioned joke humor like "I Love Lucy," "Leave It To Beaver" and "My Two Parents!" It is great that kids are watching and enjoying shows like this.

The child actors are so funny and talented, and the people that play their parents are awesome too. The dad is Dom Deluise's son! Whoa! He grew up fast! He's hilarious and makes me laugh.

A weird thing happened though. When I was watching it I felt fine but then when the big fat school principal appeared, the fat bald guy with glasses who likes to dance ho-downs and dresses like a cowboy, when he came on the screen all of a sudden this sharp pain shot through my right arm and then before I knew it I became incontinent. I don't know what happened! I messed all over the sofa! WTF!

I went and saw the doctor after I cleaned myself up and changed pants, and the doctor said THE SAME THING happened to like FIVE other people in my neighborhood! He couldn't tell me who though because of medical privacy law. He said he doesn't know why people would react that way to seeing a particular actor on the screen, he's never heard of anything like it. He knows of Japanese people getting seizures due to flashing strobe lights but never just a reaction to an actor's appearance. The actor wasn't even dancing when it happened! Ugh! Anyway, the doc said there will have to be more tests done on me, the other people and on the show to see if they can figure out what caused this.

I need to go now and make sure I can call someone in to clean/shampoo the couch before Debbie returns from her trip, or else she'll box my ears!

After that I'm going to lay down because I'm POOPED! LOL!

Think well, live well, be well,
Jeremy Kellerman

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