Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jeremy's Musings - 1

Sometimes when I'm standing up to urinate, at a urinal or just at the toilet at home, I get to urge the laugh. I don't understand this at all. I mean, nothing is objectively or even subjectively funny about urination except maybe in like a certain comedic or humorous circumstance. What causes this? Does anybody out there understand psychology and if so do you have any data that would maybe form grounds for a theory?

I also dream of urinating in trash cans a lot. I guess my dream-self doesn't get that when they call it a "waste" basket they don't mean THAT kind of waste! Haha! Dreams are so weird. The mind is like a baffling, complex series of wires and electricity and math. It just makes me so awed when I think about how much goes into it. And that just makes me even more curious about why mysterious things happen in human behavior, like laughing while you pee. WEIRD.

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