Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jeremy's Musings 3 - Valentine's Day

So what did everyone get for Valentine's Day this year?

Valentine's was always very special to me. I always end up going all-out and over-exerting myself!

This year I got Deb that new massage chair she's been wanting. I thought I'd send some "good vibes" her way, LOL!

I also imported some chocolate from Vermont. She said she fell in love with that chocolate when we went on vacation there three years ago. I said Hey, honey! You're in love with the chocolate? What about me? Ha ha ha!

Finally, to make the day perfect I got us evening reservations at "Cat Man Melons." It is a French restaurant, I think, and it is renowned here for the romance factor, but nobody can pronounce the foreign name so we just call it "Cat Man Melons." Weird, I know, but that's our town for ya! Also, just to crank up the love vibes, when we were waiting for our food to be served I excused myself to the bathroom, dressed up as Santa Claus and then got the whole big band to come off the stage and play "Beautiful Dreamer." It's a combination of the things she loves that don't last to February; Christmas ends in December, of course, and the annual Stephen Foster Festival ends on January 16th, so I figured I'd get super-creative and combine then! Nobody else could have a more unique experience on Valentine's Day! Deb LOVED it. Hey, whoa, I'm having massive deja vu right now! Have I written this before?

I have to admit though (don't tell Debbie!) I was pretty disappointed with my gift.I got home from the studio to find a bunch of photos from me in high school pasted onto a basket with fake flowers in it. On each photo the word "HOTTIE" was written under my picture. It wasn't even Deb's handwriting! WTF kind of Valentine's Day present is that?!

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